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Welcome to, this website has been produced by Koko Digital and is an online resource explaining the practice of viral marketing.

The information found on this site explains what viral marketing is, why viral marketing is one of the most successful forms of advertising and why viral marketing is one of the best ROI advertising practices available today.

Koko Digital are one of the countries leading viral marketing specialists and we produce creatively lead viral campaigns that deliver results. This site provides us with a platform to showcase our viral campaigns as well as providing you with access to their real time statistics.

If you have been spending some time thinking about a viral campaign for your business but were unsure of the processes, what is involved and how it all works, this site will help you to make the decision that has the potential to change your business forever.

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Here at Koko we specialise in viral marketing and our viral games play a huge role in all the fun we have in the office.

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Viral marketing sometimes known as buzz marketing is basically word of mouth advertising that is driven by the consumer as opposed to traditional marketing which is driven by the marketer. As an agency, Koko develop visually stunning viral games and videos that spread your message online. The key aspect to this process is creating an online viral campaign that encourages the receiver to become a sender, creating the potential for exponential growth to maximise the campaigns exposure and influence.

The key to viral marketing is knowing what sort of campaign or message users will respond to and trying to utilise this information commercially. It's all about getting people to pass on the message to others and if the viral agent is executed correctly, the spread of these campaigns can reach millions of people on a global scale.

Viral marketing is a specialist area of advertising and requires much more than an agent that engages users, equally important is the seeding and tracking of the campaign. This is key when trying to attract attention to the viral agent and due to the truly massive amounts of online content these days...these processes themselves require a specialist area of expertise. Combining stunning creative material and extensive seeding, a Koko viral campaign has the potential to generate millions of clicks and active viewers.

Viral marketing is so successful because people are far more open to recommendations and endorsements from their friends than they are from the media as usually, the message the consumer receives is a personal one from a source they trust. It is also very successful due to the fact that the user can interact with a brand and the content is more engaging.