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Seeding a viral campaign or viral game to various websites.

Seeding is a common term in viral marketing and it refers to a very crucial process, getting this part of the process right has the potential to deliver an exponential growth in popularity and exposure that can happen overnight.

Seeding a viral campaign or viral game has the potential to reach millions of users and show exponential growth.

Seeding can usually be carried out using both commercial and non-commercial connection points and this helps to ensure substantial uptake. Koko has developed a number of close relationships with key existing communication networks which means that we can make your content visible to thousands of users extremely quickly.

It is crucial to build aspects into a viral agent that allow people to pass on the information contained within as easily and quickly as possible. Using a 'forward to a friend' link is the perfect way to provide effortless transfer to others. Koko's viral games are built specifically to encourage users to challenge their friends as well spreading the message and this can be acheived with inclusion of a high score system. The 'challenge' aspect to our viral games can give the campaign much greater potential exposure and therefore, delivering a much greater result for our clients.

Due to the nature of viral agents, Koko specifically design our viral campaigns to be accessible to a global online audience. Koko can also produce viral games that deliver our clients' content to users on the Nintendo Wii.