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Tracking a viral campaign or viral game.

Koko provide tracking services for our viral campaigns that enable clients to follow and evaluate the success of their campaign material. The tracking service provides our clients with tangible results for each viral campaign and can be accessed on a day to day basis.

The tracking services we provide allows our clients the ability to monitor the success, exposure and user feedback for the viral campaign and we can provide real time statistics in the following areas:


Koko have built up a very strong relationship with one of the web's premier tracking websites, Memecounter. Below is a breakdown of the statistics that are accessible through Memecounter's tracking portal.

Memecounter screenshot

For more information, visit Memecounter.

Viral Chart

The Viral Chart is a tracking service that puts the viral campaigns into a global ranking system and showcases the top 40 global viral campaigns according to the volume of weekly visits they each receive.

Viral Chart - Viral game displays

To see what's hot right now and how Koko's viral games are currently performing, visit the Viral Chart.